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China COSCO Held the 6th Session of the 4th Board of Directors Meeting and the 3rd Session of the 4th Supervisory Committee Meeting
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On October 30, 2014, the 6th Session of the 4th Board of Directors Meeting of China COSCO Holdings Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) held at Beijing Ocean Plaza and Hong Kong COSCO Tower, in form of video-telephone conference. The Meeting was presided over by Mr. Ma Zehua - Chairman of the Company¸ and was attended by Mr. Li Yunpeng - Vice Chairman of the Company, company directors including Madam Sun Yueying, Mr. SunJiakang, Mr. Ye Weilong, Mr. Wang Yuhang, and Mr. Jiang Lijun. Along with Company independent directors including Madam Rita Fan Hsu Lai Tai, Mr. Kwong Che Keung, Mr. Peter Guy Bowie and Mr. Yang Liangyi attended the meeting on-site. Mr. Fu Xiangyang - Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, member of the Supervisory Committee Mr. Ma Jianghua and Madam. Zhang Li, Independent Supervisor Mr. Meng Yan and Mr. Zhang Jianping, Executive Vice Presidents of the Company Mr. Xu Zunwu, Mr. Tang Runjiang - CFO of the Company, Mr. Guo Huawei - Secretary of the Board, Mr. Wang Xiaodong - Assistant to the President and Madam Michelle Hung Man - Joint Company Secretary also observed the meeting. At the meeting, eight proposals including the China COSCO 2014 Q3 Quarterly Report were reviewed, and all proposals were approved unanimously.

On the same day, the 3rd Session of China COSCO 4th Supervisory Board Meeting was held at Beijing Ocean Plaza. The Meeting was presided over by Mr. Fu Xiangyang - Chairman of the Supervisory Committee, and was participated by members of the Supervisory Committee including Mr. Ma Jianghua, Mr. Gao Ping and Madam. Zhang Li, independent supervisors of the Company Mr. Meng Yan. Dr. Zhang Jianping attended the meeting, a total of five proposals including China COSCO 2014 Q3 Quarterly Report, Affairs Related to C1 Project Plans, Affairs Related to C2 Project Plans were reviewed and approved.


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